Are you seeking winter decor ideas to keep you cozy and inspired during the frosty months ahead? Winter decorations go far beyond the traditional holiday delights. From candle lanterns to versatile porch styling, there is a wide range of options for anyone who wants to give their space a refresh that won’t feel dated when the new year arrives. Read on as we reveal some of our favorite (and easy-to-implement) winter decor ideas.

Introduce a Soft Glow

There is something remarkably inviting about the soft glow of candlelight in the winter. It inspired one of Better Homes & Garden’s favorite winter decor ideas: Garland candle lanterns. The Magazine recommends taking your hurricane lanterns out of storage (or thrifting them) and encircling the glass with fabric wire. From there, they suggest that DIYers “use greenery and white berries or even fresh herbs or juniper berries to decorate.” This is such a simple DIY project, but you’ll love seeing their cozy presence on mantels, buffets, and dining tables throughout the season.

Add Textile Wall Hangings

Do you have an empty white wall that has been hard to decorate? Consider adding a natural textile wall hanging. If you are interested in purchasing something for the space, pick a piece made from natural fabrics like wool, hemp, or even bamboo. You might be surprised to learn how popular 1970s-inspired macramé is right now. There’s a cozy nostalgia to these knotted art pieces made thoroughly modern with a reclaimed wood support beam. If you are looking to DIY the hanging textile, Better Homes & Gardens reveals “Simply loop chunky yarn pieces around a piece of driftwood and cut ends at an angle to form a center point. Embellish with beads and tassels to add color or add knots to add structure to the wall hanging.” Before you know it, that empty wall will be so eye-catching, you will wonder why you didn’t try this project sooner.

Ward Off the Winter Chill

As soon as the temperature dips, it’s time to wrap yourself in luxurious textiles made from natural fabrics. Midwest Living recommends “[replacing] bright summer florals with subdued blanket plaids, or [nestling] into tactile fabrics in soft colors,” as well as “[draping] a couch with a fuzzy angora throw (and [wrapping] up to watch TV)” Flannel sheets are always a delight to sink into, and you’ll love sleeping in a room darkened with thick velvet drapes. Not only will the fabrics help you ward off the chill, but this winter decor idea brings instant visual warmth to your space.

Layer Textured Blankets

Real Simple describes this time of year as a “season of nesting,” which makes it the perfect time to enjoy “‘chunky knitted blankets, cozy throws, and lots of textile layering, [to add] warmth and coziness to the home in the colder months,’” according to home design expert Justina Blakeney. If you have a metal frame bed, you can embrace this winter decor idea by draping a folded earthy-hued blanket over the frame to create a cozier-looking headboard. You also can achieve a layered look even with your summer-weight duvet. As Real Simple explains, you can just as easily “layer a knitted cotton throw over your linen duvet” before snuggling in for a much-welcomed nap or some serious reading time.

Transition Your Accessories

Small changes can transform your space into a haven during the blustery winter months. Midwest Living loves the idea of replacing a simple lampshade with “a velvety suede alternative.” Soften your lightbulbs so that you can enjoy a subtle golden cast in late winter afternoons and evenings. You can even “skirt a table and layer on a nubby wool throw” in warm earth tones to bring visual interest, as well as a general feeling of being cocooned and insulated against the elements.

Spray a Calming Scent

A particular scent can inspire memory, a sense of comfort, and peace. If the winter season has you feeling stressed, Justina Blakeney tells Real Simple readers that it may be time to spray aromas that are calming like Lavender. Blakeney is also a fan of “‘earthy scents like myrrh, frankincense, and sandalwood [which] are great for the winter because they are grounding, promote balance, and are the next best thing if you (like me) don’t have a fireplace to cozy up next to!’” Every person has one or two scents that they respond to more strongly than others. Vanilla is also a classic choice, and it might just inspire you to start baking to brighten a wintry afternoon.

Bring Your Winter Decor Ideas Outside

Design experts at Martha Stewart Living are urging readers not to forget their favorite summer perch: The porch. With a few quick changes, you can create a snug nook to enjoy even when the temperatures plummet. Of course, adding cozy throws is among the Magazine’s favorite winter decor ideas, but they also applaud the additions of versatile wooden benches, which can be made “seasonally appropriate by changing out your summer or fall outdoor pillows for a set that feels more wintery.” They also love adding handcrafted doormats that “can withstand the heaviest dirt, mud, snow, and more,” log hoops for some rustic charm that is “both functional and stylish,” lustrous string lights, and a welcoming wreath.
While it is true that wreaths are often associated with the holidays, Martha Stewart Living suggests trying a fragrant wreath that will instantly put you in a positive mood. Among their favorites is the Creekside Farms Fragrant Pod Wreath. It’s a picture-perfect winter decor idea “made up of three kinds of eucalyptus leaves, nigella flowers, and sculptural lotus pods.” You might love it so much that you may be tempted to leave it until after the snow has melted.

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